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More About Bowpix

Bow Camera Mount

It's "Catch and Release bowhunting"
"Look what I could have shot"

The best part is, now your hunting partners will have to prove they saw the animals they claim to have seen.

is adjustable to fit all makes of bows with a stabilizer mounting hole. All camera's with a threaded tripod mounting hole will work on the Bowpix. Your camera can be mounted close enough to be operated with your bow holding hand. Most video recorders will also work. It does not have to be an extra small one.
Some camera mounts will not work for mini DVD recorders.
The Bowpix works great for mini DVD recorders.

Bowpix Camera Mount shown on an APA Innovations "Viper"



When videoing your shot, there is no need to watch in the viewfinder. Your camera is pointed in the right direction

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