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Why Bowpix?

Bow Camera Mount

  • Bowpix is solid aluminum construction annodized black. Weighs only 2.8 oz. About the same weight as a stabilizer bar when a camera is attached.
  • Works on both right and left handed bows. 
  • Swiver action mounting. Allows the archer to turn the camera left and right to take pictures without having to aim the bow in the desired direction.
  • Centers the camera with your bow. You do not want your bow off balance.
  • Not made of breakable plastic.
  • Much more than just a piece of bent metal.

Bow Camera Mount consists of three interchangeable parts.

1. The mounting bar. In most cases can be used alone to attach your digital camera or video recorder.

2. The centering bracket. Used if the tripod mounting hole on your camera is off to the side.
Some camera mounts do not center your camera, leaving your bow off balance.

3. The video camera extension. Sometimes you need a little more room between your hand and your video camera. This 2" extension will supply the extra room you need.
Other camera mounts are camera specific and do not work for both.

You may not need to use all the parts at the same time but they are included in case you need them. Not all camera mounts allow you to use either a digital camera or a video recorder with the same mount.

      Bowpix Mounting Bar        Bar & Centering Bracket    Mounting Bar and 2" extension

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