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 Order your BOWPIX 
Kit includes:
One Bowpix mounting bar
One Bowpix centering bracket
One Bowpix Video recorder extension
Hardware (nuts, bolts, Ect.)

$24.95 plus $3.00 shipping and handling.
(Total of $27.95 with shipping inside the USA)

Buy two and save. $46.00 plus shipping. 
($49.00 Total with shipping inside the USA)

Bowpix Order

BowHooker orders:
1 BowHooker shipped inside USA
$13.95 + $2.00 S&H = $15.95

2 BowHookers shipped inside USA
$30.00 Total including S&H

BowHooker Order

Bowpix and BowHooker order
Order one of each and save

One BowHooker and one Bowpix shipped inside USA $40.00 Total

I'll take one of each

Send check or money order to:
104 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Pewaukee, WI  53072

Any Questions? Call us... 774-2BOWPIX (774-226-9749) 

Customer Comments, pictures and videos.

I am extreemly impressed with such a simple idea. This mount is better than all the others I've see. This thing works awsome.
                                 Jesse's bow  
 - Jeslam85

I have been looking for something like this, at a reasonable price for a while.
 - Matt

"I really like the fact that it centers my camera. I had a previous mount that kept the camera off to the side and it hampered my shootin accuracy. The Bowpix works very nice. Good product."
 - Nubby

"I've been practicing with my camera on and it really does a good job of keep the
camera still, I've been shooting at a Glen-Del target and recording stays clear
as day through the shot, it's better than a shaky cameraman. I took some
limbsaver hand strips and ran it down the mount where it contacts the camera and
helped give a real snug fit.
I can tell you I am very satisfied with the results and the
pricing is very fair. I've wasted a lot of money on bad tree mounts before."

 - Andrew L
Project Engineer - North Jackson, Ohio
"I got the Boxpix camera holder, and am working with it now.  It's a fine piece that is versatile to fit so many models.  All the holes in it are great.  Overall, It's really good.  Much better than the Deer Ridge product, as it holds the camera more centered."  
- Raneytx1
"Excellent quality and very light. Love the fact that it works with both my camera and cam corder. Looking forward to hunting season."
- Buckhntr

"Price, quality and versitility. This is the coolest. Great addition to my hunting toys"

"Mounted right on my bow and works fantastic. I have been videoing my target shooting and was surprised to see how quickly I move my bow holding hand after the shot. I swear I was holding steady after the shot. NOW I have really imprived my accuracy after correcting my follow through. Thanks for a great product."
- onehuntr

"This is a very nice camera mount. Great quality and works with my two cameras as well as my mini DVD recorder. I love it and can't wait for hunting season to get here. I will definately be sending you some pictures" 

- Andy2L8

"fit right on my bow and worked with my camera just fine."
- Dantaylor

"Small, compact and light.  This is a well made camera mount. I can't wait for hunting season.


"Great camera mount. Works really well. Priced below what I would expect.

 - David7112

Nice job Bowpix. This is a handy little gadget. I leave it on my bow all the time. Just connect my camera when I get situated in my stand. Works really well being able to swivel the camera and not have to raise and aim my bow. I can sit and follow the deer with very little movement.

 - timtom

Bow Camera Mount

Helpful hints:
*When buying a new camera, make sure it has the ability to take video. You do not need a dvd recorder to take your own video.

* If it is getting dark, make sure you turn off your flash unless you are not worried about spooking the animal.

Here is a nice clear video I took of a 5 pointer that came right by me. Watch him stop right on top of my Code blue scent bomb.
Click here 

The pictures are darker than it was in the woods (Overcast). I used a flash on these photo's to see what the doe would do. In the first picture it did not spook the deer at all. The second picture I took while it was looking right at me. It did not know what to think of the flash and took off, but only about 25 yards.

Below, Photos and video by Rockinranger620


Click Here

Bowpix first put into action

                                   The doe before the video.


These pictures were taken by Mike.

Send me your Bowpix pictures and I will post them.

For PEWAUKEE LAKE MUSKY FISHING check out "Mikes Extreme Guide Service"            

                                       Check out this video

click here

 This is how fast something can sneak up on you when you are in the woods hunting. 

I was target shooting and a fawn came into the yard to have an acorn breakfast.

Have your camera ready at all times......

   Click Here   

Here is a video of a nice 8 pointer that walked past me at about 25 yards. Unfortunately I had shot a smaller 8 pointer the night before and was looking for a doe. I wish the video had turned out better.

  Click Here

Here is a video of a 5 pointer that came within 15 yards of me.
He had no idea the kid was in town.

Check out this video of me shooting a small doe.

 Click Here

I should have zoomed the camera in but forgot to in my haste to switch to video mode.. The doe is closer than it appears in the video. It also shows up much better on a personal computer and not run through youtube. 

I was taking pictures of this doe at first but then deceided to shoot it to try out the video mode on my camera. This is the very first video I took with the BOWPIX in the woods. The doe stopped walking and is looking right at me as I start to video. You can see my arrow at the top of the screen.

When I took the shot, I thought the doe was standing still.
After watching the video, it is clear that she was still moving a little. 

Not a trophy but it is pretty cool to watch the shot video and relive that day in the tree.   

You can hear the snow melting and the sound of the arrow being drawn back. The shot will be right after the doe takes a couple of hops and starts walking. It showes up much better when it is not run through youtube.


















































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